SNA Montessori offers World Standard Montessori curriculum designed to nurture your child's creativity, self confidence, independence and love of learning.

Higly supervised by our international, Certified Montessori-Trained Teachers, your child will develop self discipline, refined movements, and a strong foundation in Mathematics and effective communication skills. It is important to prepare your child for life, as well as a more complex higher education.


SNA Montessori has blended modern Western Learning Approaches with Eastern Values in Education to prepare your child for the 21st Century. With our Montessori approach, your child will learn to observe, enquire and problem solve.

We use Eastern Values as a foundation to build the character of our students to ensure that they become successful and morally upright leaders. We strive to Impart excellent values such as Filal Responsibility, Respect, integrity, Determination, etc.


SNA Montessori classrooms are very bright, spacious, inviting and stimulating. Our prepared Environment is filled with exciting materials, mathematical models, daily household items, globes, maps, charts, artwork, book, etc, that allows joyful independent learning and exploration by our children. Our playground is a happy and safe play area where your child will learn psychomotor akills and social skills while having a lot fun.


Your child to be exposed to three languages - English and Mandarin as everyday language - in our school environment. Students will be introduced to Bahasa starting from Playgroup 1 to Kindegarten 2.


Our Montessori teachers are qualified, international teachers who have many years of experience in the field. They have undergone rigorous training in The Montessori Method, as well as Child Psychology and Development.

Our Language Teachers are trained native speakers who are child-loving, passionate and dedicated.


We treat each child as a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL who needs to be stretched to achieve his/her OPTIMUM POTENTIAL.


SNA Main Campus

+6231 853 1920

Raya Pepelegi
Pondok Maspion IV
Blok GH No. 1-6 Waru 61256
Sidoarjo, Indonesia

SNA West Campus

+6231 741 9694

Telaga Utama
Blok D1 No. 31-32
Bukit Golf Citraraya, 60219
Surabaya, Indonesia

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